Fermentation for Kids Workshop


Are your kids eager to help in the kitchen? Or perhaps your heart is to equip them with the kitchen skills of generations past. Either way, your kids and teens can join us on December 3 from 12:30pm – 2:30pm to learn how to prepare the foods that nourished their grandparents and great-grandparents… through the art of fermenting – or culturing – their food.

Your kids and teens will learn how to prepare:

  • a simple, delicious and nutrient dense veggie ferment
  • delicious, bubbly kombucha – an ancient and healing drink
  • fun labels and tags to use on their ferment jars and bottles

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Each additional sibling (up to three) after the first gets $10 off.

Product Description

The art and skill of fermentation is such an amazing gift to give to your children. Here’s why:

  • Fermentation will nurture their health – especially their gut
  • It can be done anywhere
  • No special tools are required
  • It is an essential, yet forgotten food group
  • It’s a time-honored way to preserve food (that doesn’t involve slaving over a hot stove!)


Included in the $40/participant* workshop investment are the learning experience, snacks & drinks, a jar of veggie ferments, some custom-flavored kombucha, a kombucha starter kit, and a Tiny Peasant Fermentation Inspiration Pack PDF.

Location: Knox Community Kitchen  

400 Edmonton Street | Winnipeg, Manitoba

Date & Time: TBA  |  12:30pm-2:30pm*

*lunch will not be provided, only a light snack.

*Siblings receive a special pricing of $30/participant – for up to four children total from the same home (our family has four kids and we know it can add up!).


What is the recommended age? We are recommending ages 8 +. For younger kids (5-8) who are very interested in cooking and fermentation and are comfortable with 20 minute learning sessions, it could also be a good fit. Parents should know that the workshop is 2 hours long and participants will be at three different stations for roughly 20 minutes each. Therefore, kids and teens should be able to be mostly focused for 20 minutes at a time. Participants may be placed into groups so that we can tailor the station learning to a few different age ranges as they move through.

Should parents stay at the workshop?  Parents of kids / teens who are very comfortable and confident staying on their own are welcome to drop off and pick up. There won’t be extra staff to bring children to the washroom or really spend a lot of time with individual children as we’ll each be leading a station, so younger children who will not be happy on their own are welcome to have one parent or guardian sidekick tag along for no additional fee! Parents may be asked to hang out to the side/back depending on space available at the stations.

Will the participants be doing any dangerous tasks?  While we believe that kids of all ages can safely engage in kitchen tasks, we realize that comes with a lot of one-on-one mentorship in age-appropriate stages. This workshop is a beginner class and to streamline and keep it manageable for all kids, we decided to skip the knives and flames!

What if my kids (or I) want to learn more about fermentation after the workshop?  If that’s the case (and we bet it will be), definitely catch Jill at the workshop and talk with her about booking a more in-depth traditional foods workshop. Gather your friends and host it at your place for a fun and delicious gathering.


Jill Kantor is living a fast-paced life as a corporate professional, mother *and* is a Traditional Wisdom Modern Kitchen Certified Teacher.

She’s a city girl, with an adventurous spirit and started The Urban Homestead because she’s excited about the journey that she has been on – a journey to start living more organically, simply and with a greater sense of connection.

Jill started growing an edible organic garden, connecting with local farmers, local food co-ops and supporting community shared agriculture (CSAʼs). She dug into composting, eating more mindfully and of course bringing more traditional wisdom into her kitchen, home and life. She has a special love for fermentation, it has transformed her health and the way she looks at the world. Fueled by this passion, The Urban Homestead offers a variety of one-on-one and group coaching packages in client’s homes, her Urban Homestead Kitchen or another location of choice.




Knox Community Kitchen is a shared-use commercial kitchen that supports the development of new and unique food businesses in Winnipeg. Our kitchen is open to everyone starting a food business, however, we give priority to youth, immigrants/newcomers, women, individuals with disabilities and low-income individuals and families. Revenues from the kitchen directly support operating and maintenance costs which contribute to the upkeep of the facility for free community food programs and events.

Knox Community Kitchen is generously partnering with us to make this workshop – and some simple nourishing food skills – accessible to kids within their community. A huge thanks to the folks at Knox!




Tiny Peasant is a child & youth focused company founded by Kris Antonius with a focus on nature, simple living, learning, making, and eating. Many Tiny Peasant projects are a collaboration with Kris’ partner, Mike Berg. We’re fans of child-led and life learning, nature, hand-crafting, homesteading skills, and growing, cooking and eating good food. Tiny Peasant offers learning resources, e-courses, tutorials, crafting kits, hands-on workshops and more.




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