Before the snow

A glimpse into our days before the snow graced November…


// rose hip harvest

// forest fort building

// co-op trip to the zoo

// hanging with a runaway turtle at the plant conservatory

// garden clean-up actually happened this year (kinda) due to the late snow!

// nourishing cocoa with cacao, chaga, ashwaghanda and elderberry

// basketball coming out of our pores. oh, the focus. the energy. the passion!

// knitting and finger knitting stacks of head warmers to string up in our neighbourhood for the folks who walk our lanes in the biting cold of winter.


tp-forest-hip-harvest tp-forest-fort-progress-3 tp-forest-fort-progress-2 tp-forest-fort-progress tp-forest-clubhousetp-zoo-buds tp-zoo-furs tp-zoo-fun tp-conservatory-turtle-adventure-c tp-conservatory-turtle-adventure-m  tp-garden-clean-up-co tp-garden-clean-uptp-chaga-ashwa-elder-cocoa  tp-b-ball-boy tp-basketball-kidtp-knitting-and-story

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