Chicken Pox + Healing Herbs

Taking a break from being online as we walk through chicken pox. Strangely, our 13 year old nephew has it. He didn’t live with us when he was little, and was immunized up to age seven. I hadn’t really thought about whether or not he’d had chicken pox. It’s a bittersweet thing, this chicken pox… Continue reading Chicken Pox + Healing Herbs

The Week in Photos

         This week included… :: curling out at the lake house with a papa (yep, milo really took that shot!) :: lots and lots of valentine’s day love – a list of folks we love to add to throughout the week, felted balls for a garland, cards and more cards, heart shaped sandwiches… Continue reading The Week in Photos

Farm Fresh Valentines

Spread some love this week (or anytime!) – find these printable valentines in the shop. Print in black and white and add your personal touch with watercolours, pencil crayon or whatever medium you prefer. If you use these, we’d love to see what you create – leave a comment below with a link or email us… Continue reading Farm Fresh Valentines

Bird Love Links

A collection of links for more bird learning… Okay, so almost all these sites are developed by one or more of these organizations – and they are all really helpful. Cornell Lab of Ornithology, Bird Studies Canada, and the National Audubon Society. These seem like the most visited and well-presented bird studies sites I have… Continue reading Bird Love Links

Coconut Oil Bird Feeders

    We’re crafting some bird-watching goodness over here, in preparation for The Great Backyard Bird Count, starting on February 14th. The kids have been working hard on Woodworking Wednesdays with their dad to design and make some wooden bird feeders for our yard. Plans to come. Sign up for our newsletter (top of this page)… Continue reading Coconut Oil Bird Feeders

The Week in Photos

        Having a rhythm to carry our weeks is the glue that keeps us together. We’re not strict about it, though we do try to follow along with it as much as possible. If it’s baking day and I find the kids completely engaged in playing house, I leave them to it. Play is… Continue reading The Week in Photos