Celebrating Easter Mindfully | Dyeing Eggs

One of my fondest childhood memories of Easter is dyeing Easter eggs in my grandmother’s kitchen, surrounded by family, while snacking on grandma’s famous Paska (Polish Easter bread). I recall the sweet, yeasty taste of the homemade bread, the smell of the local pickerel or ham we’d enjoy later at dinner, the whole boiled eggs… Continue reading Celebrating Easter Mindfully | Dyeing Eggs

The Week in Photos

Thank goodness for photos. When I look at these moments, I am so grateful for every single one of them, big or small. The tears I shed last week as I sat in the van willing myself to go be social with the kids after a tough morning… their tears… the squabbles, the messes –… Continue reading The Week in Photos


The seedlings from our germination experiment are coming along well! They’re likely much too early, so I’m not sure what we’ll do with them, but for now we’re enjoying the green that is adding some life to our living room. It’s lovely – if you can get past our ghetto grow light set-up! We have… Continue reading Seedlings

Celebrating Easter Mindfully / Natural Basket Stuffers

Whether celebrated for it’s religious significance, as a family tradition, or as a way of welcoming spring, we can all agree that Easter is about new life; blades of grass poking through freshly thawed soil, tender shoots emerging from a deep slumber, just as we breathe in the fresh spring air after a long, dark… Continue reading Celebrating Easter Mindfully / Natural Basket Stuffers

The Week in Photos

There’s been a whirlwind of activity around here lately, as we work on starting a new business with some friends, wrap up a three-kid run of chicken pox, and carry on with life as usual! I feel like we are ready to rein in a bit and work on re-establishing a good rhythm as we’re… Continue reading The Week in Photos

DIY Calamine Lotion

Spotty body, as we like to call chicken pox, debuted in our home a few weeks ago. We got a crash course in remedies, starting with our herbal bath soak pouches. When the second and third children joined in the fun, we made some homemade calamine to further soothe the itch. Chicken pox is likely… Continue reading DIY Calamine Lotion

Snow Maze

A few weeks ago, I took a look at our front yard, with almost untouched snow piled high and thought maze. So we got out shovels and set to work, without any plans or designs on how this thing would turn out. We put our heads together as we went to decide on where to go… Continue reading Snow Maze

The Week(s) in Photos

Since we had a guest appearance from chicken pox this past week, this post is actually two weeks of moments. It was a totally different dynamic having all four children home this week – and mostly a good one. The younger ones loved having a new element to their play, a leader to train them… Continue reading The Week(s) in Photos