A few things we were up to before Christmas… // crafting, learning, gaming // advent // holiday making in the kitchen // holiday parties with friends // lego contest entries // eating at great local restaurants and checking out installations of my design work // everyday crafting and learning fun        

kids are capable

I’ve definitely been guilty of double and triple checking that my child is sure he or she wants to sew their project that way, or wear those pants with that shirt… yet I bite my lip more often than not and truly have a heart to embrace their individuality. But it is sure tough work sometimes. Our society generally views children as… Continue reading kids are capable

Tiny Makers: Crafty Gifts

Our kiddos really get the craft-craze around the holidays and are eager to make gifts for friends and family. I often seek out materials other than the typical craft supply stock – natural, warm, and inviting materials. Things we find on nature walks and repurpose into new works of art. The following projects use almost entirely… Continue reading Tiny Makers: Crafty Gifts

Tiny Makers: Pantry Gifts

Ever wonder how to find a balance between celebrating the holidays without a focus on consumerism and feeding the love for giving within your children? Our littles love to give gifts and we have tried to find that balance in our own home. For this reason, and for the love of crafting, our tiny folk put… Continue reading Tiny Makers: Pantry Gifts