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We’ve done some serious bonding over Advent in our home – taking the focus of the journey off material goods and back where it belongs swells our hearts and warms our home. My hope is that my notes and ideas will take some pressure off and allow you and your family to connect, find peace, and enjoy this season of turning inward in anticipation. That instead of counting the days, you’ll be able to make the days count as you focus inward – and outward in generosity – this season.

You’ll find everything you need for four weeks of Advent goodness – poems, crafts, recipes, and more. The series follows the Waldorf tradition of the four lights of Advent – stones, plants, animals, and humankind, and each week will also have a featured printable scripture verse, printable poster, and more.

P.S. We want to keep this resource free and accessible to all. If you love this series and feel inspired and able to make a donation that will enable us to  keep creating things for tiny folk – see the donation button at the bottom of the page. We also LOVE comments, emails, Facebook comments, and tweets (#tinyadvent). Thank you!

Tiny Advent Hub: 
Easy access to our sock calendar, gift lists, and resources for each week!

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Gift Lists & Advent Calendar:

Get the how-to for an advent calendar that doubles as a practical purchase of new socks for the family. Also included are two gift lists. 25 Gifts has, you guessed it –  25 ideas for Advent, divided into simple and small gifts, free gifts, and gifts to share with others in the spirit of giving. 4 Lights Gifts is divided into the four lights of Advent based on the Waldorf poem that Tiny Advent is based upon.

4 Weeks of Advent:

// Discussion Points
// Waldorf Verse Poster
// Memory Verse Card
// Centerpiece Idea
// Craft Tutorials / Recipes
// Gift, Activity & Act of Kindness Ideas for the Week


We want to keep this resource free, so it is accessible to everyone. If you loved this series and feel inspired and able to make a donation – so we can keep creating things for your tiny folk – click below. We also LOVE comments, emails and Facebook comments sharing what you’ve done and enjoyed! Thanks!



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