Celebrating Easter Mindfully / Grandma’s Paska

Slippery, sticky, yellow dough. Exotic saffron. Raisins. Old coffee tins and pretty loaf pans. Generations of women’s hands kneading, shaping, tasting. This is something I want to pass onto our children, especially now that their great-grandma has passed. She would have been 99 this fall! I thought I’d share my grandmother’s original recipe (you can… Continue reading Celebrating Easter Mindfully / Grandma’s Paska

The Week in Photos

A lot of celebrating this past week! :: Herb Fairies Elder learning :: A lunch party for Mike’s birthday :: April Fool’s :: Superhero Swim party for the birthday boys :: Library visit :: Photos I found on my phone, taken by Cohen            Photos below by Cohen…

Taking Back Quiet Time

Recently I’ve read strange phrases like ‘mamas reading time’, and ‘taking a quick cat nap on the couch’. Reading time?! For moms? During the day, with kids home? I guess it is possible, seeing as how this past year we entered a whole new world where Milo can play with the other kids, and really well on… Continue reading Taking Back Quiet Time