The Pinkest Valentine’s Tea

What could make a better tea for your Valentine than this herbal trio, created by a sweet trio of Tiny Peasant Kids! There are (at least) two ways to enjoy it: // Steeped: Make this tea to sip with your loved ones // Packaged To-Go: Mix the herbs in the ratio shown in the video & put them in a tea filter (buy them or… Continue reading The Pinkest Valentine’s Tea

Un-Excellent Used Condition

Last week included… // Mugs of healing teas for a cold in the home // Kids devouring homemade sun-dried tomato hummus // Word-family related crafting // Playing in the snow And… a boy who found an umbrella and was so adorable sitting on his own, making up stories, I couldn’t say “no open umbrellas in the house.” No regrets,… Continue reading Un-Excellent Used Condition

Day in a Homeschool Life // Rhonda Cattani

This post is part of a series called Day in a Homeschool Life. This community of homeschoolers would love to hear from you about your typical learning day and how your homeschool family rolls. Head over to the Day in a Homeschool Life page for submission guidelines. It’s super easy and stress-free. Come on over and help us… Continue reading Day in a Homeschool Life // Rhonda Cattani