healing pine + spruce tea

Get out on a winter nature walk and collect some conifer needles to bring back to your kitchen. Conifer needles are a great defence and remedy against those pesky respiratory colds that creep up during the winter months. I got in touch with wild edibles expert Laura Reeves of Prairie Shore Botanicals to get the low-down on some common… Continue reading healing pine + spruce tea


Building shelters in the yard as we learn about various types of shelters like straw bale and adobe. Winter fires out back, ice skating, homeschool co-op puppet-show planning and eating good food, rooting for our high school basketball all-star. Quiet times with tea and work, reading together, learning together, stories about being a babe in arms in a rocking… Continue reading lately…

sand dune sledding

out at the grand marsh & beach. sledding on dunes blanketed in sun-drenched snow.

Winter Nature Walks: Conifers

It’s tempting to burrow into our cozy homes and tuck nature walks away until spring arrives – but there is a lot to explore and learn about in this magical season! When dressed properly with a few ideas up our down-filled sleeves, nature walks in winter are a warm and rich activity – mittens, cocoa, the smell of pine… Continue reading Winter Nature Walks: Conifers

a tree and community

Every now and then, as I look at our Christmas tree, I feel a pang of guilt for cutting down a live tree. It kind of makes me feel how I imagine I’d feel with a trophy deer’s head on my wall.  And then I remember that this tree was grown lovingly by local farmers,… Continue reading a tree and community