neighbourhood nature walk

It can be intimidating to think of incorporating nature walks into our daily and weekly rhythms. The thought of packing up supplies, finding an inspiring natural space to walk, and keeping kids engaged on that walk can be overwhelming. Read on to see just how simple and fun a short neighborhood nature walk can be! Read the… Continue reading neighbourhood nature walk

Empowering kids for health

As a family of life-learners, we have shied away from traditional curriculum in favour of following our passions. Sometimes that means following the kids’ interests, and sometimes it means following ours, the parents. One of my passions has always been gardening and food – growing things, enjoying them, learning about them. So when I found… Continue reading Empowering kids for health

The Dirt on Mud Kitchens

Mud. A magical…err, messy part of childhood. Kids have a way of finding it, squishing it, smearing it, tracking it. And if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em, right? I love the feeling of cool mud underfoot in the heat of summer and the look of joy on our children’s faces when they are free to… Continue reading The Dirt on Mud Kitchens

DIY Playhouse Project // Prep

There’s been a lot of talk around here lately about shelters – earthships, tipis, adobe, tiny homes and even beaver dams. We’ve offered to support each of the kids through the building of their very own tiny home, as a learning project and so that they will start off their adult life with a place to… Continue reading DIY Playhouse Project // Prep