5 Day Playroom Remedy



Are you tired of the growing mountain of toys in your home? Join us for the totally free 5 Day Playroom Remedy to turn those mountains into molehills. We’ll cover the qualities of great toys, how to organize them, and how to help your children enjoy the toys you do keep even more. Let’s do this together!

Just sign up at the top of this page to join, and you’ll receive a daily email for five days – you can do a super quick purge and follow along day by day, or keep the info handy for when you’re ready for it. You’ll also get access to our Facebook group and Pinterest board for group support and inspiration throughout the entire process. Keep reading below to hear what past participants have to say!



I appreciate your effort in creating this course! Although I haven’t even made a dent in the pile yet I feel like I have a new way to look at it and inspiration to continue sorting through it!

– Bethany Gowryluk Booy

Yes! This was what I needed as an impetus to really get ourselves sorted out before the school year. Since we’re schooling at home, we have a lot more ‘stuff’ to sift through. Artwork, nature collections, games and puzzles and all sorts of learning material that simply does not have a good place in this tiny home of ours. I love what you said about having the children’s ‘tools’ available to them like we would in the kitchen, rather than a big bin. My goal this next season is to keep things well labelled, and cycling through (aka put away) when we aren’t using said activity. I love the creative process of play, and don’t want to push my kids to have everything cleaned up. Going through this course helped me understand the need for designated play space that makes room for continued creation. I look forward to learning more with you Kris!

– Maria Epp

This is a huge challenge for me because I am usually an ‘all or nothing’ kind of cleaner/declutterer. So part of me was thinking this week that I would participate in the course but not do the work until I had more time or could do my whole house, etc. But I know I have to start somewhere so I am going for it! And I am forgiving myself already that it won’t be perfect and it won’t all get done in one fell swoop. But there will be a dent! Thanks for the encouragement!

– Deanna Momtchilov


What has shifted for you because of this course?

– Importance of keeping less clutter.

– Remembering my core values and encouragement that it can be done in this culture.

– It is worth the effort to declutter.

What is your biggest takeaway from this course?

– The push to go through stuff. The encouragement from others in the same journey.

– Incentive to get started, help with strategies for the sort, decision making.

– Learning to let toys go.

– Less stuff will mean more play.