All in a Day

This morning was one of those mornings. The kind where I somehow end up at 11am without having accomplished much of anything. At that point, I often feel like just throwing in the towel altogether. Sometimes I do just that. If it weren’t for the gelatin and lego mould sitting on the counter as a… Continue reading All in a Day

just make space

As parents we can sure spend a lot of time worrying, right? And the world has no shortage of things for us to worry about in regards to our children.  One of the areas where I sometimes let worry creep in is my children’s learning. We learn at home, and at the core of my being… Continue reading just make space

The Week in Photos

Since I’ve been swamped with putting out a couple new resources in the shop, I have lagged in getting photos of the camera and phone, and writing posts to go along with them. Yesterday I was able to carve out some time to pull together some photos that are really from the last couple weeks,… Continue reading The Week in Photos

pumpkin month

There’s just a bit of overlap around these parts between apple month and pumpkin month. We’re still hoping to harvest some more apples for sauce, and are eagerly watching our lone pumpkin, willing it to ripen. We’ll certainly pick up a few pumpkins from the farmers’ market, for pies, soups, and other recipes. Pumpkin is… Continue reading pumpkin month