Welcome to this humble space. My hope is that you’ll feel at home here. That you will feel inspired rather than made less. That you would be inspired to be intentional in a moment or experience – with your little one, while washing the dishes, watering the garden, folding laundry, working in or out of the home, picking up toys. That in the mundane of the everyday, you would find beauty. What you read and see here is truly a reflection of the beauty I find in friends, family, fellow bloggers, nature – and the special moments of our journey – the celebrated mundane of the everyday.

Tiny Peasant is a blog and shop focused on simple living, learning, making, and eating. We’re fans of child-led learning (and we like an eclectic mix of Montessori, Waldorf and others), nature, hand-crafting, homesteading skills, and growing, cooking and eating good food.

Most of what you see on the blog shows the better bits of our days and weeks together as a homeschooling, urban-homesteading family, but behind the scenes there is plenty of mess, dust, handprints on the walls, noise, and the usual goings-on of family life.

Kris Antonius - Tiny Peasant

I’m Kris Antonius, your main contributor here at the blog, and the crafter and designer behind the Tiny Peasant line of goods and learning packages, along with my husband, Mike Berg. I am a mother of four amazing kiddos – ages 4, 7, 11, and 14 – 3 of whom I spend my days with after leaving my teaching career to welcome our first child seven years ago. Together, we learn in and about nature, about God, and about the things that interest us.

We are also the owners of Cityfolk Creative (formerly Door62 Media), and co-founders & organizers of the DIY Homesteader Festival (read the Pure Green Magainze article about it. Another article. Watch the video here).

Thanks for stopping by – it would be lovely to hear from you in the comments or over email.



Kris Vineyard BWBAGs Christmas 2014

*top two photos by Pauline Boldt.


  1. what a lovely, lovely website. just found it. looking forward to spending some time poking around. thanks for this.

  2. Hi there! I got your website from a friend when we were talking about kombucha SCOBY. I live in the Interlake and was wondering if you could point me in the right direction where I could find a SCOBY and some kombucha to learn to make my own. Any help and advice would be greatly appreciated . Thanks!

    1. Hi Elizabeth, thanks for connecting! I would suggest heading over to the DIY Homesteader Festival Facebook page and asking there if anyone in the Interlake can hook you up. We have lots of followers who love to build community and are super warm and friendly. If that fails, if you’re in the city sometime soon, I’d be happy to share mine and give you an overview of how to do it. Also check out the-urbanhomestead.com for amazing traditional foods and kombucha classes! Thanks!

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