Games for Kids: Puzzle Bingo & Balancing


Recently I shared a couple of our family’s favourite games. Carrying on with that, here are a couple more that are adored by our children.



This simple, and whimsically-designed game has a permanent home on our learning shelf in the living room and is brought down to the carpet area once or twice a week. The kids love the combination of puzzle and bingo and little ones love flicking the spinner and watching it go round and round with eager anticipation of where it will land.

Djeco’s Travelling Bingo is simple enough that our youngest played it when he was two, but still entertains older children for at least a round or two. The illustrations are endearing, but do be careful how you store the puzzles as they are made of a sturdy cardboard that can peel or bend if handled roughly.

puzzle bingo



Neighbour to Travelling Bingo on our living room shelf, Pandabo, by Hape, is a beautiful and fun game. Sustainably made with bamboo and water-based paints, Pandabo offers a strategic challenge and can also be played cooperatively. The idea is to be the one who never causes the stack to tumble, but our family plays together, giving advice and cheering one another on. We aim to get the stack as high as we can as a group. Little ones can practice shape recognition and it’s really fun to see the wheels turning in the minds of older children plotting how best to ‘stay balanced’ as the stack grows.




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