Old Mill Wisdom

On a recent trip to the park with family, we were pleasantly surprised to find an old mill museum open for visitors. The boys had a blast checking out the old stone mill, watching it turn and grind the grain into flour, and the best part – feeling its smooth texture on their hands.

mill stone

mill-wheels-small mill-wheels the-old-mill

The woman who was volunteering at the mill that day was so patient with the boys, and so encouraging of their exploration and play. She didn’t tell them not to make a mess, or to keep their voices down. When it was time to leave, the boys were covered in flour. Her wise response – it’s nothing a good roll down the hill won’t take care of!

We need more people like this woman who can encourage and empower our children. Who understand that children are not just little adults. I am so thankful for the gentle reminder I received that day, and well, the hill was a huge hit.



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  1. Ah, that woman had the right idea! I think I’d have rolled down the hill as well. There’s a child in all of us just waiting to be freed.

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