Egg Carton Nature Collections

Several years ago when we started taking regular nature walks, I found this activity online. The whole family will go for a walk and try to find natural items to fill in each section of the egg carton. The photo above shows what the kids found this week on one of their walks, just in our own neighbourhood. I was surprised at how much colour is still out there this far into fall, when we’ve already had snow. If we took the carton out on one of our forest adventures, the findings would be quite different -fewer domestic flowers, but likely more wild berries, seeds, and things like prickly wild cucumbers!

To make your own egg carton nature collection, simply paint or colour in each section of the carton in a different colour. Enjoy your walk as usual, and look for flowers, leaves, stones, seeds, sticks, and other items to fill in the sections.

If you don’t already have a nature table, you can use your egg carton as a mini nature collection to display somewhere special.

egg carton colours



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