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My grandma was one of the most generous people I knew, and was also quite frugal. When she used Crisco lard for baking, she tore off the wrapper to open the block and used it to grease her cookie sheet, muffin tin, or cake pan. If the piece was large, she’d tuck it back into the box in the fridge for the next time.

Though we use butter or coconut oil in place of Crisco, we have learned from my grandma and save our butter wrapper in the fridge for the same purpose. I also melt coconut oil for use in recipes now and then, and have started to use the tiny bit left in the pot to grease the muffin tin – there always seems to be just the right amount! 

kris grandma project fat

kris gran baking
This photo of us baking was taken about twelve years ago! Based on the yeast package on the counter, my guess is that we were making Paska (Easter Bread).

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Kris Antonius has a crew of four budding gardener chefs, ages 4, 7, 11, and 14, and is passionate about good food and learning. She enjoys exploring sustainable farms, food, and recipes with her family and nurturing the seeds that are planted on their numerous food and learning adventures.

*Photo of Kris by Pauline Boldt.


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