The Week in Pictures

Some snapshots from the last week of October, with the exception of the daily nature walks, and tree climbing expeditions which weren’t photographed. If you have a post about your week, share the link in the comments. If you don’t have a post, feel welcome to just share about your week.

first knit
Milo’s first knit.

mom first knit
Mama’s first knit.

spiced cider
Plant spiced cider. 

building blocks
Castles and towers.

folding laundry
Caring for the home.

lion colouring
Early morning quiet.

magnet play
Snack time magnet exploration.

making coffee
Learning how to make coffee (and use the scale, ssshh…).

miles colouring
From the much loved Herb Fairies course.

peeling carrots
Lunch prep.

shield project
A woodworking project carry over from our last exploration on castles, knights and horses.

sketching a lion
Sketching together.

yoga morning
Starting off the day with yoga.

smelling activity
Sensory activity – matching the scents in the jars – vanilla, peppermint, and orange.

sorting cats
Sorting wild cats and domestic cats.

halloween costumes
Halloween costumes – superhero, sheriff, and our version of wonder woman.

halloween cider
Hot apple cider came along on halloween night…

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