Dressember :: Day 3

Today another lady in our house decided to join in the campaign! She is going to do a photo a day as well, and help spread the word about this project with her grandparents and friends.

A little bit about my dress today… it was made by the lovely and very talented Melanie Wesley. We did a logo and other design work for her and did a partial barter, which included the yellow dress.¬†We went to the fabric store together, and I selected the bright yellow linen that she then transformed into the sweetest dress. I wear it a lot. Melanie was the one who pointed me to the Uniform Project and I was so inspired to have a piece to wear often and love much. If you’re in Manitoba, look her up, or anyone can find her on Etsy where she often has gorgeous hand-crafted stuffed bunnies and dolls. When it comes to artisans, she is the real McCoy.

dressember 3

melanie wesley logo





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