Shop Update

Products are up in the shop – they aren’t for sale yet, but will be soon. I am just working on shipping costs.

In addition to the free printables (some of which would make a great stocking stuffer or gift), and the Tiny Peasant Pantry package, there will be:

Tiny Peasant Craft Kits:

  • Tiny Stitcher
  • Tiny Felter
  • Tiny Maker (play dough)
  • Tiny Herbalist
  • Tiny Baker

tiny herbalist sign photo Tiny-Maker-web

Christmas Cards

Shown here are four out of the nine new designs for 2014.

Urban Peasant Christmas Card Line Up 2013

Urban Peasant Blanket Christmas Card Urban Peasant Tree Card Urban Peasant Red Stache Card Urban Peasant Floral Tree Card


Urban Peasant Neckwear

river stone with cuff

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