The Week in Photos

There’s been a whirlwind of activity around here lately, as we work on starting a new business with some friends, wrap up a three-kid run of chicken pox, and carry on with life as usual! I feel like we are ready to rein in a bit and work on re-establishing a good rhythm as we’re all feeling a bit out of sorts. It sure seems like life in general follows that in-breath and out-breath rhythm – we are organized and focused with our learning and living for a time, and then things sort of unravel and we have an out-breath of more unstructured living and learning until we’re ready to gather ourselves back up into order and calmness again.

The photos are mainly self-explanatory aside from the seedlings which we planted after doing a germination test, and the last two – a duo of bros with new mama cuts. A little embarrassed to show these – the fact that they are pretty darn cute distracts from my, ahem, very novice hair-cutting skills!

hammock chair toeshammock chair story3hammock chair storyimpromptu knitting time fork impromptu knitting time     coffee table art supplies marble run fun 3 marble run fun 2 marble run fun  snow race bre snow smiles bre snowperson planting sproutslittle sprout traybrothers with mama cuts 2 brothers with mama cuts

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