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Thanks to our favourite local bee keeper, our bee-learning this fall took on a hands-on dimension. The kids LOVE bees. They totally get it. They get that we eat from the garden (and the stores) thanks to the bees. They are fascinated by these creatures – we all are. And we all love their sweet, sticky goods, too. Even though Chris tells us it is basically bee vomit. Great imagery there. You’re welcome.

I was blown away by the bravery in these kiddos. Milo held back just a bit (also the only one without gloves on), and Cohen and Breann each held a male bee – we learned that males don’t sting – in their bare hands. They learned about the smoker, the hive tool, the hive, the types of bees, and how honey is extracted from the frames. They each had a turn scraping the wax off the comb before the frames were put in the extractor. Carefully holding the canning jar under the tap as it filled with fresh honey to take home may have been even a bit more exciting than the scraping. Just a bit.

Writing thank you letters to the beekeeper was a lot of fun, including research in our books for just the right thing to draw. Noteworthy: Milo’s bee is a Milo Bee. It has blue eyes, just like him. Today the letters were sent off in the mailbox on our way out for a nature walk. Milo is loving finger print bees and I have a feeling the other two will be all over them soon, too. So easy, and so cute.

“The keeping of bees is like the direction of sunbeams.” ― Henry David Thoreau Tweet This

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Milo Suit Bre SuitLighting the SmokerSmokerHeading to the HiveAt the HiveTop Off Hive  Honey FrameChecking Out the BeesUp CloseCohen Male BeeBre Male BeeHoneycombScraping Comb  Co Bre ScrapingMilo Scraping     Honey Extractor Honey at Hometp park learningtp bee life cycle playLetters to the BeekeeperLetters to the Beekeeper 2  Mailing Letters to the BeekeeperMilo Fingerprint Bees

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    1. Thanks, Adrienne. Hopefully we can all get out there together for a visit next time. We had a lovely time at your place and are still examining those wild teeth ; )

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