The Week in Photos

Since I’ve been swamped with putting out a couple new resources in the shop, I have lagged in getting photos of the camera and phone, and writing posts to go along with them. Yesterday I was able to carve out some time to pull together some photos that are really from the last couple weeks, not just this last one. September has been a great month of learning and living – among other things, we have learned about bees and their life cycle, made beautiful perpetual calendars, celebrated Michalemas by making dragons with the knitting tower and wool felt, read dozens and dozens of stories, worked on form drawings, and enjoyed our fall leaves to the fullest. A lot of our days involved packing up the wagon with a large blanket, lunch, warm tea, and some work, and heading to our local green space. The kids love climbing the trees, hunting for leaves and acorns, and being able to stretch out under the sky as they learn. As the weather cools, our visits there will be more active in nature so we can keep warm!

Please excuse the poor photos – our camera has been finicky and I’ve been using my iPhone.


Watercolour painting a leaf colouring sheet from our latest learning package.

tp painting leaves 2

Michaelmas Dragons, from this tutorial.

tp sewing dragons

Leaf rubbing & leaf tracing art.

tp leaf bird tp leaf dragon tp leaf funny characters

Perpetual calendars.

tp month wheel 2 tp month wheel tp perpetual calendar


Making applesauce with apples gifted by a neighbour, using this sorting applestp sorted apples
tp scooping applesauce

Learning the parts of a bee using these free Montessori 3 part cards.

tp park learning

Herbal tea warm up.

tp park tea

Go cart wagon.

tp wagon brostp milo wagon park


tp collecting acorns

Burdock. We’ll be heading back this week to try to dig up some Burdock for use in our Herb Fairies recipes this week.

tp burdock parktp burdock park2

Rising to the ‘how high can you fill the bucket of potatoes’ challenge with one of our favourite local farmers over at the market. Physics in action.

tp market purchase tp market fence

We started hand-washing our breakfast and lunch dishes as often as possible. A lovely sensory activity, with warm soapy water, and a touch of lavender essential oil.

tp washing dishes

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