DIY Gift Wrap

Year after year, I’d go from being totally floored to carefully select or craft Christmas gifts only to slump when it was time to wrap them. Not only did I dislike using up a bunch of paper product to wrap our gifts, but the readily available, last minute – ahem – wrapping paper options weren’t stellar either.

Here are just two simple things we’ve done over the years. First, we started using kraft paper, or the paper that comes on rolls for art projects. This gave us the freedom to put our own unique twist on the wrapping – drawing pictures on the paper, stamping it, or decorating it.

A couple of years ago I started sewing reusable fabric gift bags and haven’t looked back. I love this way of gift-wrapping and am excited to pick up some new fabric this year to add to some new bags to our collection. You are sort of limited to the options in your local fabric shop unless you pre-order fabric well in advance. There are so many fabrics I’d have love to have used, but am happy that we have these as it really saves a huge wrapping headache!

To make these bags, simply:

1. Hem the ends of two pieces of fabric.

2. With right sides together, sew around the bottom and sides of the bag.

3. Turn the bag so the fabric is facing the right way.

4. Stitch a ribbon onto the back, so that it can be tied around the top of an irregularly shaped gift (like a pouch), or folded over a square or rectangular gift (like regular ribbon would be). The ribbons you see in the photos of the fabric bags below, are all sewn on in this way.

We’ve also experimented with Furoshiki, or japanese gift wrapping, which is even less time consuming than homemade gift bags. You just need a piece of fabric and a tutorial found online in the form of pictures or videos (there are plenty on you tube).

What’s your favourite way to wrap gifts? Share in the comments.

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