The Pinkest Valentine’s Tea

What could make a better tea for your Valentine than this herbal trio, created by a sweet trio of Tiny Peasant Kids! There are (at least) two ways to enjoy it:

// Steeped: Make this tea to sip with your loved ones

// Packaged To-Go: Mix the herbs in the ratio shown in the video & put them in a tea filter (buy them or go DIY), canning jar, or tin.

Note: We usually use a french press for our herbal teas, and for some reason used a mason jar here – not recommended as it is very difficult to pour from!

This is the very first video in what we hope will become a longtime series. The kids would LOVE to hear your feedback, comments and questions!

BONUS: Head over here to download a set of free Valentine’s Tea Bag Labels.



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valentine's cards - 2014 sneak peek Tiny Peasant Valentine Dandy Tiny  Peasant Valentine Jar



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    1. Cohen: Thanks a lot, Grandma! We hope you like our next video. Because we might make a bannock video.

      Milo: Thank you for watching this video. Made from Milo, Cohen and Breann.

      Bre: Thanks for watching!

  1. We really enjoyed your video. We will try making some pink tea, too. How would you measure a single serving for this tea? It could be a good idea for a Valentine’s day treat for our loved ones! Merci beaucoup! Juliette, Simon et Marie * we saw the cat! ; )

    1. Thanks, Juliette, Simon & Marie! For a single serving for one cup of hot water (or if you’re filling small tea bags), I’d try 1 tbsp hibiscus, and 1 or 2 tsp elderberries and a few rose hips. It all depends on how strong you’d like the tea to be. The cat – yes – hopping up to look out the window : )

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