sometimes, bannock

Sometimes when you spend a chilly day at an educational farm, visiting with the sweetest bunnies and charming pigs (barring the mama who bit her babe’s ear when he tried to edge into the trough), bannock is in order. Of course, every good educational farm has a bannock station, no? At least, this one in particular did and our kiddos had to miss out due to allergies.

Though mine are indeed real life kids, with annoying real life kid behaviours, not one single complaint was uttered. They enjoyed their tea and popcorn we packed from home – while others excitedly prepared bannock with flavored chips, chocolate sauce, mini marshmallows and more. Ironically, a little friend couldn’t get enough of our honey popcorn despite her tasty bannock treat.

After animals visits, including a trip inside a pig shelter, and a fireside treat, it was time to warm up, play market, and draw some farmy sketches with friends. It was truly a nourishing kind of a day.

And…sometimes when your kiddos miss out on the bannock station that has all kinds of sweet adornments and sauces, an evening home bannock roast is in order!

Our bannock was pretty good, but not great. The kids want to make a How to Make Bannock video. Do you have a favourite bannock recipe? Share it in the comments! 

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    1. Hi Heather,

      The farm is Fort Whyte Farms. They have a greenhouse, bunnies, and pigs for now. I think they also have chickens in the warmer season. Thanks for the bannock recipe! The kids will be excited to try it (and me, too : )

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