Heal the Lake Kids: Colouring Pages

As we’ve been talking about bringing light into the world, and being the change we wish to see, the kids have been drawn back to their Heal the Lake Kids project. They have spent hours reworking their website, and making new design updates. Colouring pages are the latest project, and you can get in on the fun.

Simply download a colouring page, colour it, and share it over at Tiny Peasant’s Facebook page with the hashtag #healththelakekids. Use this as a springboard to spark a discussion about Lake Winnipeg and what it means to your family. Check out Heal the Lake Kids to learn more about the issues facing Lake Winnipeg.

Want to do more? Head over to Lake Winnipeg Foundation and make a donation!

HTLK-Homepage-Quote2 HTLK-Homepage-Doorway2

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