Tiny Makers: Pantry Gifts

Ever wonder how to find a balance between celebrating the holidays without a focus on consumerism and feeding the love for giving within your children? Our littles love to give gifts and we have tried to find that balance in our own home. For this reason, and for the love of crafting, our tiny folk put on their maker (santa) hats and hand-craft the gifts they give over the holidays.

The following are a handful of DIY gifts that are practical, fun for kiddos to craft, and an enjoyable gift for adults or little friends to receive.

Read the full article over at EcoParent Magazine

And while you’re there, definitely spend some time looking around. EcoParent is a print and online publication sold across Canada, made by and for Canadians. The family behind this magazine is amazing and they’ve truly put together an inspiring and informative resource for parents!

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