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As a family of life-learners, we have shied away from traditional curriculum in favour of following our passions. Sometimes that means following the kids’ interests, and sometimes it means following ours, the parents. One of my passions has always been gardening and food – growing things, enjoying them, learning about them. So when I found Herb Fairies, I knew this would be one program we’d incorporate into our learning on a regular basis. It has opened up a whole world of herbal learning for the kids and I, to the point that they run outside to grab chickweed when someone gets a scratch, and request certain teas when they aren’t feeling well. They set up elaborate apothecaries in the mud kitchen and collect herbs on nature walks.

edibles hunt lemon balmlearning about lemon balm

In the video below, you’ll hear from the kids of the Herb Fairies founders on how herbs are important to them. You’ll hear how being a part of the process of creating remedies and growing up in a home where herbs are part of daily life has impacted them to be excited and empowered to heal themselves.

Maybe you’ve felt overwhelmed or confused by the insane amount of conflicting natural health information out there. Knowing what to do for your family and making your own remedies can seem overwhelming.

The folks at LearningHerbs are experts at cutting through the information overload and making herbs SIMPLE.

When you sign up for the free video you also get their kids herbal cookbook with crazy good recipes like chickweed grilled cheese sandwiches and real marshmallows.

Check out the video here.






Please note that we have chosen to be Herb Fairies affiliates as we LOVE this program so dearly. We have recommended the program to at least a half dozen families who are now happy to be members – long before the affiliate program began. If you have any questions about our experience, please feel welcome to get in touch anytime!



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