outdoor classroom

Fall has been so good to us, clasping the hand of summer and not letting go quite yet. The air is fall fresh, yet not biting. The leaves are underfoot and crunching. The birds and squirrels are about, preparing. And we’re out with them. Learning. Playing. Creating. Dreaming.


What’s in our outdoor classroom wagon?

// yarn + knitting needles for the older two and myself (the youngest finger knits)

// boiled water in a thermos, mugs, tea bags

// snacks

// sketch books for nature illustrations

// story book to read aloud, chapter books for quiet reading

// basketballs for playing and we also used them as a manipulative to toss back and forth while we counted and skip counted (forgot the bean bags)

// journals – Be the change you wish to see in the world is on the cover and they were purchased at Dollarama. These are for dreaming up ideas of how we can change the world, our home, our neighbourhood… with our own two hands (we listened to Ben Harper’s song with my own two hands). Part of our exploration of the Steiner/Waldorf concept of thinking, feeling, willing. 

The print below is available in the shop as a printable PDF!




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