The Raddest Dad Book


A simple, printable Father's Day book for kids to write & draw in as a gift for Dad.

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Product Description

Print out the pages of The Raddest Dad book and kids can get to work on crafting their own tribute to the raddest Dad ever – their Dad.

Pages, designed by myself and the kids, with lots of room for personal touches, include:

1. Cover: There are two versions, one with filled in words (The Raddest Dad), and one just outlined so the kids can colour in the words as they like (The Raddest Dad Outline).

2. MY POPS is TOPS because… (list of 5 reasons)

3. Me & My Dad (drawing space)

4. I Think My Dad… (is funny, awesome, special because…)

5. MY DAD IS SUPER! (shield outline to draw a superhero badge)

The entire book is designed in black and white and to use minimal ink for ease of printing at home. You can easily scale the book up or down in your print dialogue box if you have certain wishes in how to print and bind it. We use a sewing machine to stitch the pages together, printing the cover on card stock, and the inside pages on regular paper.

Have fun! Share a photo of your finished book on our Facebook page!


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