Tiny Peasant Pantry Kids’ Course


Tiny Peasant Pantry is a fantastic resource for your home or homeschool. Whether your children already love to spend time in the kitchen, or have the meal-time ‘blahs’, they will love this engaging food skills program that equips them with the skills to nourish themselves and those around them. Parents will love the section on age-appropriate ways to involve kids in the kitchen as well as the sanity-saving menu planning resources.


Product Description


Included Sections:

  • Kids in the Kitchen – a chapter on age-appropriate ways to get kids cooking, and ways to engage the whole family in mealtime prep and planning.
  • Verses + Blessings – a selection of mealtime blessings and Waldorf cooking and baking verses.
  • Food Lovers Kids’ Book List – a list of story books to inspire young bakers, chefs, and herbalists.
  • Tiny Peasant Pantry Program – includes a method and all the handouts you need for passing on food preparation skills in a fun and simple manner. There are four sections –Baking, Cooking, Healing Teas, and From Scratch – each with 3 recipes and 12 suggestions for what to make – one for each month. This means that you are set for up to four years of ready-to-go food skills learning. You can choose to follow our suggestions, or you can carve out your own learning path that is suitable for you and your child.
  • Recipes – Twelve recipes, three for each section of the Tiny Peasant Pantry program. These recipes have been curated from some of our favourite folks including the folks at Herb Fairies, Hollow Reed Holistic, Integrity Foods, Nourishing Joy, Olive Us, Prairie Shore Botanicals, Sparkle Stories, Tierra Soul, and Traditional Wisdom Modern Kitchen.
  • Menu Planning Resources – here you will find everything you need to get your family on track with menu planning. Forget about the 4pm overwhelm once you start using this system. There are handouts with tips to get you started and to involve the kids, as well as actual menu planners and a grocery list template that you can print out and keep in a binder, or laminate and use on the fridge.