Tiny Advent // Sock Calendar + 25 Gifts

This post is a part of our Tiny Advent series. All of the posts are housed on this page for your convenience. We hope you follow along and enjoy the series.

The Make:
We have made this calendar our family tradition for a few years now. We get new socks for each family member, and make a pattern: one sock for each family member; repeat. Each day the person who fits the sock, takes it down from the calendar, and finds what is inside. It might be a note with an activity to do together, an act of kindness, or a small gift. We often include a Bible verse with a tiny gift that is related to what we read.  At the end of Advent, everyone has a couple new sets of socks, so this is a fun and practical investment!


What you’ll need:
/ Socks
/ String or twine
/ Circle stickers in the colour of your choice to mark the days
/ Sharpie to write the numbers on the stickers
/ Clothes Pins


The How:
/ Lay your string or twine out on the floor.
/ Create a pattern with your sets of socks, and attach them to the string with the clothes pins.
/ Add your numbered circle stickers to the clothes pins
/ Hang your sock calendar


What to fill all those socks (or paper bags, boxes, pockets, etc.) with? 

25 Gifts:
To make this project extra easy on busy mamas, I made a list of 25 gift ideas, in checklist form. Just print off the list and collect the items. Follow, adapt, or scrap in favour of what you know will work best with your little ones and how you approach Advent in your home. Download your printable copy here.


4 Lights Gifts:
A slight adaptation of the previous list, this list is divided into the four weeks based on the light of stones, plants, animals, and humankind. If you’re following along with the weekly posts, this might be a really great option for you! Download your printable copy here.
Gifts from the Shop:


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