Herbal Bath Salts

Take a couple of nature’s gifts, mix them together and add to steaming water for a healing and rejuvenating experience. These mineral & herbal blend bath salts have a lot to offer in the gifting department: few ingredients; super simple to make; beautiful end result; useful for anyone who has a tub or even a basin in which to soak their feet!

This is a great gift-giving project for kids as it can be done without pesky adults getting in the way. Simply provide jars with lids, dried herbs, and mineral salts and let them go to town! We added about 2tbsp of herbs and baking soda per cup of mineral salts.



  • mineral salts or epsom salts
  • dried herbs of your choice
  • baking soda
  • bowls
  • tablespoon
  • glass jars with lids
  • festive string/ribbon/twine, tags, pens, etc.

TP bath salt trio TP bath salt makerpouring the salts bath salts ingredients bath salts boytiny advent bath salts finished