Timing is Everything

We had a blast out at our friends’ farm this weekend – playing outside, planting some wheat grass for the chickens, playing games, a daddy dance party, cooking and eating, and sharing in a snowshoe adventure. What were we reminded of through this adventure? Timing is everything. We let the morning get away from us, and didn’t head out with the snowshoe crew until lunchtime was almost upon us.

Two very eager boys made off like a shot toward the forested trail. One little one abandoned his snowshoes before the rest of us were even fastened into ours, and another didn’t want to leave the steps. One of the boys who was eager at first, ended up squeezing in behind little brother on the sled, and promises of a tasty lunch and homemade cocoa were the only things to keep them all going through the deep snow.

Despite the sore legs, tears, and complaints, each and every one of our crew made it back to the house in good spirits. Next time, the snowshoe adventure will happen right after breakfast, so we can maintain that all-important rhythm of the day that helps our children flourish. The rhythm that carries them through the day so that they can be fully present and enjoy each other and the farm as much as possible.

More posts on daily, weekly, and seasonal rhythms to come. Do you rely on a daily rhythm at home? Share it with us in the comments!

Check out our recipe for Nourishing Hot Cocoa here.




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