Mindfully Celebrating Easter: Basket Stuffers

Whether celebrated for it’s religious significance, as a family tradition, or as a way of welcoming spring, we can all agree that Easter is about new life; blades of grass poking through freshly thawed soil, tender shoots emerging from a deep slumber, just as we breathe in the fresh spring air after a long, dark winter. Traditionally, children toting baskets and a sense of adventure would hunt for eggs – real, whole eggs – hidden in the grass. The eggs were, and still are for some, a symbol of new life. Somewhere along the way, whole eggs led to chocolate eggs, which led to chocolate bunnies, chocolate hens, jelly beans, marshmallow peeps, and well, you get the picture. The celebration of new life and a new season are easily lost in the mountain of candy. As a child, I adored Easter. I am certain I loved the chocolate and candy, but most of my connection to our family celebrations lies in the excitement of the treasure collecting and the feeling of transformation – of going to bed at night eager in anticipation of the newness and lightness that Easter would bring. As a parent, I want to bring that anticipation to our home, but I don’t want to bring the sugar. Over the past few years, I’ve come up with a few things that get a check of approval from our whole crew – kids and parents alike. Find it in our Celebrating Easter Mindfully package in the shop. Easter Badge


  1. We try to keep our celebrations simple, meaningful and eco-friendly. I love your basket stuffer list! It think it’s important to reflect on why we do things and to make an effort to choose healthier alternatives (both for ourselves and the environment).


    1. I completely agree, Josee! I find, too, that our children really appreciate things more when there’s less. Last year, we ordered the kids each one special egg-sized chocolate, handmade by a friend and wrapped in foil. There was not one single complaint that they only got one chocolate. Their eyes lit up and they savoured that chocolate! Much more special than a whole basket-full…

      Thanks for stopping in!

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