Advent Week 1 Activity :: Felted Stones

A great sensory activity to do as part of Advent Week 1 :: The Light of Stones and the whole Tiny Advent series.

  • smooth stones
  • wool roving in desired colours
  • sewing thread in same colours as roving (optional)
  • large bowl or pot
  • warm water
  • natural dish soap
  • nylons/pantyhose

felted stones- roving stones


1. Wrap stone in roving.

2. Optional: Hold roving in place by wrapping thread around it in many directions and tie.

felted stones - thread

3. If you used the thread, add a final layer of roving to cover it.felted stones - wrap again

4. Place the stone with roving in a piece of pantyhose, tying both ends carefully so as not to catch any roving in the knot.felted stones - nylons

5. Dip the package in the warm, soapy water and give it a squeeze, repeating a few times. Then gently rub it on your hand on all sides for about 10 minutes. When the felt starts to feel less squishy and loose, you can open one end and check on it. Once it is almost ready, you can take it out of the nylon and rub some more.felted stones - rubbing

6. Use as a decoration or a paper weight.

felted stones finished

We also did some rocks and minerals learning to go along with this week of advent. We watched a Brain Pop video, as well as some you tube videos about rocks and minerals in the home. The kids collected some items from around the house and had a great time.  I’d like to have an actual rock set with the scratch test and a basket of books on rocks and minerals, to go along with our activities for the first week of advent.

things of minerals


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  1. Hi Kris! Thank you for sharing those fun ideas. Where can we buy the wool roving (interrogation mark)*. Would this work to make felted soap too (another one here ; )
    Thank you,

    *sorry my keyboard is a bit bizarre these days…

    1. Hi Marie,
      I’m so glad you like the ideas. You can find wool roving here in Winnipeg at Wolseley Wool. You can absolutely use the same roving for felted soap and lots of other projects like felted balls, and needle felting.

      Have a lovely Advent season!

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