Winter Snow Sensory Bin

It is -43C today with the windchill in these parts. We do try to get outside in most weather, but I think we’ll be having a snow day today.  The little ones will likely spend some time playing in the snow – inside. This is something we have done several times throughout the winter season for the past few years. In the summer, we do a water bin.

winter snow sensory binsnow bin inside

For cold winter days, fill a rubbermaid bin with the cleanest snow you can find. Lay a large towel under the bin. Then try any of these ideas with your new snow sensory bin:

  • Make snow people – paint them with watercolour paints! Rounded measuring cups or an ice cream scoop work well to make body of the snow person.
  • Add animals – add some toy animals to the bin and the kids can make mountains and valleys to play on.
  • Treasure hunt – hide some animals, stones, gems, or other small items in the snow and have the kids find them with chopsticks or a small shovel.
  • Fill the bin with cooking and baking tools – a garlic press, measuring spoons, measuring cups, muffin tins, etc. Think of it as a mud kitchen, but with snow!
  • Provide a basket of natural items such as sticks, stones, leaves, pine cones, etc. and let their imaginations run wild.

Please share your ideas for a fun snow sensory bin in the comments!

snow bin snow person


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  1. I am going to try this with the kids this week. I love it! I’m out of food colouring though. Maybe I could make some with frozen beets, berries or carrots?
    Also…would be nice to share this on FB through your website. Do you have a link?

    1. Maria, we painted the snow people with watercolour paint! You could definitely make some natural dyes – beets, onion peels, blueberries, etc – or watercolours work really well. You can also put them in a spray bottle and it makes a really pretty effect – that might be more of an outdoor thing, though! The kids had a lot of fun with the spray bottles outside.

      Have fun!

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