The Week in Photos

A collection of photos from our week of living and learning together. Feel free to share a link to your own post or share about your week in the comments…

In no particular order (because I really want to get back to hanging out with these cute kids instead of hemming and hawing over this!):

The image above shows our almost seven year old doing chin ups in the closet. There is usually a wooden doll house in there, but this works, too! A post on the many ways we’ve used closets – for anything but clothes – in our home is brewing.

crochet couch jumping
A calm, focused crochet project, alongside a rambunctious duo of couch jumpers. Yes, our Christmas tree is still up – we’re taking it down today and working on some of these projects this week.

homemade cards war
A set of homemade ‘funny character’ playing cards. Work like a charm for a game of war.

playing dolls
Playing dolls and practicing diaper changes.

preventing colds
Nourishing teas.

clean pantry
A freshly organized pantry has the same effect on me as going to a spa… well, almost.

puzzle with a friend
Ambitious puzzle project with a friend.

shadow figures mshadow figures
Shadow figures.

story telling cards
The kids got out a story-telling game and worked with it for about an hour all on their own.

dose of elderberry
We made some homemade elderberry syrup to combat the sniffles.

pony bead crafting
Pony beads – a side project that gets revisited now and then.

reading a BOB
Reading time. We don’t have a set reading time – when the kids or I think of it, we cuddle up and the kids read between one and four of these BOB Books, depending on their mood and interest.

reading time
Reading time is often in conjunction with coffee time, of course.

shadow bridge
Walking across the shadow bridge.


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  1. Shadow fun! Homemade playing cards and chin-up bars. Brilliant! I love the group times on the floor and the playful energy happening. We found the set 2 for the Bob Books at the library. But they are too advanced for Mika. Guess I’ll keep looking.

    1. Yes, Maria, I love it when they figure out a plan of what to do and work on something together. Way better than ‘having’ to do it for school, and they are probably learning way more because they *want* to do it!

      You can use our set 1 of the BOB Books, if you’d like. I can bring them to swimming on Thursday.

    1. Yeah, I was a little shocked when I found him doing that, but after testing out the rod and how it is set up, it IS actually safe!

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