Chicken Pox + Healing Herbs

Taking a break from being online as we walk through chicken pox. Strangely, our 13 year old nephew has it. He didn’t live with us when he was little, and was immunized up to age seven. I hadn’t really thought about whether or not he’d had chicken pox. It’s a bittersweet thing, this chicken pox being in our home. So many times we’re invited to chicken pox parties where we can expose our kiddos to the virus so they can get it over with as kids rather than have a hard time with it as adults. I haven’t yet been up for welcoming chicken pox into our home and nursing four children through it. I also hadn’t gathered up enough nerve to intentionally expose them to a virus that while generally fairly laid back, may surprise us with its ugly side.

Now that decision is out of my hands (the sweet part) and we’re in this thing. One child in the thick of it, and three to go! Last night we mixed up a bath pouch with oats, chamomile, calendula, and nettle to drop into the warm bathwater and squeeze over the worst parts of the rash. The teapot held chamomile, nettle, elderflower, and red raspberry leaf tea – all healing herbs that are said to help with the itch.

The 13 year old shares that a wet compress does wonders to relieve the itch – his preferred uses are a wet towel wrapped around his head to combat the itch on his scalp, or draped over his back. Soak that cloth or towel in some healing herbs, and double the benefits.

Hoping we can walk through this without too many (or any) scars, and that all these nourishing and healing herbs and remedies will take the edge of the itch that will be a part of our family for the next while.

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Have you dealt with chicken pox? Share your favourite tips and remedies in the comments!


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  1. I have no chicken pox scars that I’m aware of, so it’s definitely possible to battle through with no after-effects. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Our kiddoes haven’t had it yet, though. My 11yo keeps asking me when they’re going to get it, because SHE doesn’t want to have to deal with it as an adult!

    1. That’s great that you have no scars, Rachel! I think our nephew is in the clear in that department as well – at least on his face. Still some healing to do on the rest of his body. Smart daughter to not want it as an adult – can be so much worse and not good while pregnant!

      None of our other ones ended up getting it – maybe it was too weak a strain, since my nephew had been vaccinated as a younger child.

      Thanks for popping over!

      1. It would be great if they just fought it without developing symptoms! To develop antibodies but never have to struggle with the actual itch is the best possible scenario. ๐Ÿ™‚

        1. That would be lovely! Someone just told me today that some kids do get just one spot and have very little reaction. I wonder if that equates with a lesser immunity…

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