The Week(s) in Photos

Since we had a guest appearance from chicken pox this past week, this post is actually two weeks of moments. It was a totally different dynamic having all four children home this week – and mostly a good one. The younger ones loved having a new element to their play, a leader to train them in the importance and practice of exercise and sport, and even a babysitter while I was out running errands and at a photo shoot.

We’ve been cooped up, trying not to expose anyone at risk of complications to chicken pox, and so far, the younger three haven’t had a single symptom. Maybe it’s too darn cold here for the airborne virus to survive! It dipped as low as -49 C with the wind chill around these parts. Currently -37 C.  Our old house isn’t well insulated, meaning the main floor is like a refrigerator. Here we thought we’d get it all over with at once and be done with it… looks like we might be seeking out a chicken pox party with friends in the near future.

Lots of board games have been brought out, we put a chocolate twist on this latest batch of elderberry syrup, there were several forts, some music making, olympics love, a sleepover at the lake house with grandparents, and a birthday celebration. We didn’t take many photos this week – just some shots of my aunt’s lovely vintage shop, some puzzle and block play, and the infusion of spring found in a sweet bouquet from a friend’s flower shop.

For those interested, Milo’s sweet wooden village can be found here, and the two board games are Catan Junior and Wildcraft (not an affiliate link – we just love Learning Herbs) – both beloved by the kids.

catan junior chocolate elderberry syrup tiny peasant desk fort little drummer boy olympics activity alphabetical  playing wild craft water the ginger plant watering the plants lakehouse sled Mo 4th slideshowMO 4th blowin'  MO 4th colouring gifts   MO 4th smile MO 4th togetherMO 4th captainpuzzle boy  block structurevintage in the village kitchen toolsoak+lily ranunculus2 oak+lily ranunculus3


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