Farm Fresh Valentines

Spread some love this week (or anytime!) – find these printable valentines in the shop. Print in black and white and add your personal touch with watercolours, pencil crayon or whatever medium you prefer. If you use these, we’d love to see what you create – leave a comment below with a link or email us some photos!

The canning jar can also be cut out and hole punched to use as a sweet tag…


valentine's cards - 2014 sneak peek Tiny Peasant Valentine Painting Co Tiny Peasant Valentines Kids Painting Tiny Peasant Valentine Painting Tiny Peasant Valentines Jar Dandy  Tiny Peasant Valentine Painting MiGuyTiny Peasant Valentine Dandy Tiny Peasant Valentine Dandy Paint  Tiny  Peasant Valentine Jar Tiny Peasant Valenting Jar Paint



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