The Week in Photos

Lots of home photos as usual, as I rarely want to bring the big camera out in 40 below (or, any below really), and the iPhone battery goes oh so quickly in this weather… The kids are still enjoying daily excursions out to the backyard fort, or the neighbourhood park and playground where there is a community fort that is worked on by various visitors from the neighbourhood. I just love that kids can be connected in that way, each adding their own architectural touches to the structure – and that it hasn’t been knocked down by possibly less enthusiastic kids.

What we’ve been up to this past week…

:: Morning tea + story time

:: Learning about birds and bird-watching

:: Projects on cats, video game development, and electricity

:: A special visit by papa who helped make a circuit board

:: A certain little boy has learned how fun it is to stuff a pillow in his shirt and then slam himself into things, because ‘it doesn’t hurt’

:: Wet felting and baking cookies at homeschool co-op

:: Making all kinds of contraptions (the one shown was made to see if air would go through the tube)

:: Exploring math through a Waldorf approach with a set that we crafted together

:: Using some of the Waldorf math set as building blocks and to explore electrical current

:: Swimming lessons and our first time at a water polo and kayaking night at the pool

:: Making Maple Butter Calendula Popcorn – oh so good!

:: An almost-daily coffee break for mama

:: A fun friday night sushi dinner and a lovely weekend pumpkin pancake breakfast

tiny peasant owl moontiny peasant bird watchingtiny peasant bird learningTiny Peasant PBH catstiny peasant making a circuittiny peasant homeschool co-op bakingtiny peasant air contraption  tiny peasant divide activity 2tiny peasant divide activity   tiny peasant stacking starstiny peasant stacked starstiny peasant star currenttiny peasant swimtiny peasant mama coffee break tiny peasant sushi makingsaturday morning pancakes    


  1. Oh man! What a great week! All the projects, the counting stars are stunning! We had pumpkin food this weekend too:)
    I really want to get over to Hollow Reed again soon. Want to go?!

    1. Thanks, Maria! I’ll be posting a tutorial on how to make a Waldorf math set sometime soon. They’re so fun – can be used for math even if not from a waldorf perspective, and for other activities as well.

      YES, I’d love to go to Hollow Reed. All out of elderberries and that is what we’re learning about this Friday. Also need a few other herbs and some dandy blend. I’ll email you!

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