Maple Butter Calendula Popcorn

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Well, we did intend to bake some sort of calendula muffin – different from last week’s – but the day sort of got away on us. It felt more like a lazy kind of day, anyway, and so a big bowl of popcorn suited us just fine. It had been a while since we’d had popcorn, as we hadn’t been going to the food co-op we’re a part of and were missing out on the organic popcorn they source.

So we ended up making calendula popcorn rather than calendula muffins. What goes with calendula? I sure didn’t know – but took a guess that almost anything paired with butter and maple syrup would be amazing. And it was. It might be a contender for the go-to of honey-butter-salt or honey-coconut oil-salt around here.

To make Maple Butter Calendula Popcorn, just pop a batch sized to suit your family, and then you’ll have to eyeball how much butter, maple syrup and calendula to add. Or you can try this:

:: 1/2 cup butter

:: 1/2 cup maple syrup

:: 1/2 cup dried calendula flowers

:: 1 big family sized bowl of popcorn

:: generous sprinkles of sea salt


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  1. Wow. I love calendula AND popcorn. I’ll definitely try this the next time we make it. I’ve made calendula rice, calendula salve, and calendula cream but never calendula popcorn. My friend Corinna sent me the link to your blog because she thought I’d be interested in it. She was right:)

    1. Hi Tricia, thanks for checking us out! I’ve never made calendula rice – do you have a recipe, or do you just wing it?

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