Taking Back Quiet Time

Recently I’ve read strange phrases like ‘mamas reading time’, and ‘taking a quick cat nap on the couch’. Reading time?! For moms? During the day, with kids home? I guess it is possible, seeing as how this past year we entered a whole new world where Milo can play with the other kids, and really well on his own when those older kids are doing school stuff that he’s not interested in.

But mamas with smaller ones, I know that we’re not all at that point where we can squeeze in those luxuries like pleasure reading, napping, showering, feeding ourselves well – and those of you who are homeschooling and/or working on top of the full time + overtime job that is parenting (home or away) – well, you’re probably laughing (or crying – hopefully not crying).

I think it’s important to note here that whether you have one babe, or eight, whether you work from home, work out of the home, homeschool or not – this gig is tough, and we can all use an infusion of inspiration now and then!

Let’s help each other out – share your ideas for quiet time activities – let’s take back quiet time. We don’t have to call it that – to the kids it can be No Mamas Allowed Time, and for us mamas it can be a Mamas Playdate – with Coffee + Chocolate.

To start us off here are a handful of ideas that I could find photos for in the short term, and will post more in the future as I find them.

Please share you own ideas for special quiet time activities in the comments – and how you like to spend those quiet moments…

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  1. Our home is remarkably quiet during the day, remark others who come to visit. Two girls tends to lend itself to that. But, having a more introspective Mamma also cultivates an environment where energy is poured into quality time together, creative activities and creating spaces for good interactions. Since my girls are young (4+6) they will often find great joy in entering into their imagination. Since homeschooling, I have tried to build into that, by creating and establishing areas that facilitate imagination. Setting up a play tent, a pet doctor room, a kitchen etc… At first it was my initiative. Now, for the most part it’s theirs. That helps me intensely in finding quiet times to myself. Here’s a pic, http://prairieskykids.files.wordpress.com/2014/03/img_0084.jpg. I love to read, write (blog) and talk to long-distance family. I must admit, it is very difficult to carve out time for self when surrounded with piles of dishes or laundry etc… I do think having a good routine though can help with knowing when to work and when to rest. Still working on that part!

    1. I love this, Maria. You led the way for them at first, showing them that they are free to dream, create, explore, and just be. And now they are running with that and creating whole worlds of their own! And I whole-heartedly agree that a good rhythm can work wonders in the home. I love reading your blog posts over at Prairie Sky!

  2. The white spiral plate is beautiful — simple and serene and inviting. We have a lucet — never tried it with thicker yarn though!
    We don’t have a specific quiet time (love the “No Mamas Allowed” phrasing) but maybe when I finish your playroom course we will be ready to start! 🙂

    1. Thanks for popping over, Lee! I think that plate was meant for olives or something like that – it is so fun to re-purpose things, though! So glad you’ll be doing the Playroom Remedy course. Would love to hear your thoughts on it! Thank you. : )

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