Grow Together Tuesday

This post is part of a seasonal community sharing series, Grow Together Tuesday. You’ll find posts from myself, and award winning gardener Monika Thiessen, of Prairie Girl Pottery.  I love seeing what others are doing in their gardens, and since most of us aren’t neighbors, let’s peek over each other’s virtual fences, be inspired, and learn from one another!  Post a link to your weekly garden notes, updates, photos, and more in the comments!


Buds + Blooms
Kris Antonius

It’s been such a joy to see the daily growth and beauty unfolding in the garden. I’m pretty excited about all of our volunteer plants this year – spinach, lettuce, lambs quarters, and dill from plants that went to seed. Low maintenance gardening at it’s finest!

Ammending the soil with compost, weeding, and planning are in full swing, and seeds and plants should be in the ground this week. I am a bit behind as I’ve been knee deep in planning this event, rather than knee deep in the mud…


Strawberries (and bee balm)

tiny peasant bee balm strawberry


tiny peasant raspberries


Tiny Peasant May Haskap

Romance Series Cherry (I can’t recall which one. I think Romeo or Juliet.)

Tiny Peasant Romance Cherry


tiny peasant apple bud

Luzi, our urban mouser

tiny peasant luzi grass close


tiny peasant rhubarb

Daffodil Buds

tiny peasant daffodil buds

Daffodil Blooms

tiny peasant daffodil bloom


tiny peasant chive buds

Volunteer Lettuce

tiny peasant early lettuce

Volunteer Spinach

tiny peasant early spinach

Fairy Furniture on the Door Jambtiny peasant fairy furniture door jamb

Pumpkin Seedlings

tiny peasant pumpkins

Cuke Seedlings

tiny peasant cukes

Tomato Seedlings

tiny peasant tomato

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