The Week in Photos

A collection of photos from highlights in the week, including last weekend at the lake.  The lake is for sure a transformative place for me, and is quickly becoming so for our crew of kiddos. Fresh, crisp spring air flowing off the lake – and space. Space to roam, to play, to create, and to just be.

We also had a great time at a homeschool co-op flower sticks workshop, then a quick but sweet nature walk in a nearby natural area in the city – it truly doesn’t take long to reconnect.  Another day saw a special visit with friends where kids couldn’t get enough of crafting fairy gardens, working with popsicle sticks, shells, wire, ribbon, and hot glue to create miniature lands for fairies to inhabit. Today one of the kids was made tiny fairy letters and fairy sized mailbox to hold them. I’m certain the fairy crafting will continue throughout this week…

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tinypeasant sand shelters tinypeasant sand shelters 2 tiny peasant lake house rocky beachtiny peasant taking in the lake tiny peasant stony moss tiny peasant stone art    tiny peasant stone art toptiny peasant lake catkin tiny peasant flower sticks m tiny peasant flower sticks cbtiny peasant city nature walktinypeasant fairy house preptinypeasant fairy garden shellstiny peasant fairy garden tiny peasant fairy swing tiny peasant fairy table sign arbor


  1. Great photo’s kris! Love the adventures these kids are on. Water is so healing. You will have to show us your fairy villages and teach us!

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