Scattering Seeds

Getting our hands dirty in the mud. Indoors. So much fun. Making seed bombs with great friends a couple weeks ago was a joyful activity – the kids had a blast studying the seeds with our amazingly effective pocket microscope, and then mixing them together with the clay, soil, and water. I was having such a good time, that I kept having to dash to capture moments to share, and the result is unfortunately several blurry photos – but better than nothing at all!

Our kiddos took some of their creations to their grandparents’ place and scattered them around when they went for a walk, spreading beauty as they went. What a positive, uplifting thing for kids to do and such a simple way for them to contribute to their communities.

To make your own seed bombs, mix 5 parts soil, to 3 parts dry powdered clay, to 1 part seeds, and then add enough water to hold it together to form balls. If you’re someone who likes to do things more by the book, you can find slightly more in-depth instructions here. Let them dry out, and then toss them around – a rainy day or the day before rain is a great time! Try using one of these fun creations to spread your seed love! There are two simple and fun long-weekend projects for you to enjoy!


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