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This post is part of a seasonal community sharing series, Grow Together Tuesday. You’ll find posts from myself, and award winning gardener Monika Thiessen, of Prairie Girl Pottery.  I love seeing what others are doing in their gardens, and since most of us aren’t neighbors, let’s peek over each other’s virtual fences, be inspired, and learn from one another!  Post a link to your weekly garden notes, updates, photos, and more in the comments – any time this week!


Harvest & Garden Mystery
Kris Antonius

This week’s post will be short and sweet, as we are at the lake for the week. I managed to snap some photos on Sunday before we left. Things are growing like crazy and I can’t wait to get back to harvest and plant more!

There is a forest of dill in the back garden by the apples. We harvested just a bit so far, and will cut more this weekend.

Tiny Peasant Dill Seed  Tiny Peasant Dill HarvestTiny Peasant Drying Dill

Bee balm / Monarda / Bergamot & Dill

Tiny Peasant Bee Balm + Dill

Haskaps / Honey Berries & Strawberries on their way into Strawberry Haskap Chia Jam. Recipe coming soon.

Tiny Peasant Haskap Jam


Raised bed of corn, bean, and one row of peas.

Tiny Peasant Corn + Beans

Healthy looking corn & beans. There’s also some Minnesota Midget cantaloupe in this bed, as well as a border of beets.

Tiny Peasant Corn + Benas 2

The volunteer lettuce needs to be eaten! It’s going to go to seed soon, I think. There are pods on the peas that need to fatten up.

Tiny Peasant Lettuce Peas Growing

We planted potatoes so, so late, but they are already making an appearance.

Tiny Peasant Papas

Little grapes adorning the vines.

Tiny Peasant Grapitas

A long garden in the back has guilds of tomatoes, chard, borage & basil.

Tiny Peasant Chard + Tomatoes

Zucchini & carrots. Thought this was a cuke when I planted it in a hurry. Thankfully, there’s a big open space beside it to direct the overflow of goodness into.

Tiny Peasant Zucchini + Carrots

Mike found one of these guys in the garden. There are a LOT of pupae that look like this based on my google image search. I think it’s a cutworm, but there were also some types of moths that have pupae that look similar. Any experts out there who want to weigh in?

Tiny Peasant Garden Pupae

Luz, playing with some plants.

Tiny Peasant Playful Luz

Cohen gingerly made a rock border around the chickweed patch when he saw that Mike had the mower out in the front yard.

Tiny Peasant Chickweed Fairy Garden

Stinging nettle around the shed, by the raspberries. Correct me if I’m wrong!

Tiny Peasant Stinging Nettle

Despite its lemony scent, I couldn’t shake the thought that this plant was not lemon balm. Thanks to local wild edibles expert, Laura Reeves, I now know it’s Dragonhead, which is also a wild edible and a member of the mint family along with Lemon Balm. The leaves and flowers make a nice lemony tea, and the seeds are used to treat fever.

Tiny Peasant Plant ID Photo

The raspberries will debut in a week or so…

Tiny Peasant Rasbperry Light



  1. Oh everything is growing so well! I love the ‘on the verge’ pictures. It’s like an expectant mother…ready to pop! The bees must be so happy with the bergamot, dill, berries everywhere! Love the guilds and the curious mystery plants. I have so many of those growing this year! What an inspiration! Hope to see it in person soon:)

    1. I had fun with the guilds this year – I like the challenge in planning the garden! The bees are still going crazy over the blooms – especially the borage. What wasn’t harvested of the dill is gone to seed and being enjoyed by ladybugs – we’ve witnessed their entire life cycle in the dill patch!

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