Small Batch Jam

Last week for night snack we made some impromptu Strawberry Haskap Chia Jam, after a modest harvest from the gardens. After rinsing the berries, de-hulling, and measuring the other ingredients, we simply blended everything together in the blender for a few seconds. So simple. Incredibly delicious.


/ 1 cup berries

/ 1 tablespoon honey

/ 1 tablespoon chia (more if you like thicker jam)

/ 1 teaspoon vanilla

/ 1 taste-tester

We would have added lemon juice, but we were out, and the results were still enjoyed by the whole crew. It’s nice to be able to just whip up a small batch of jam with these harvests every now and then, rather than waiting for a large haul of fruit – and without having to have a supply of whey for fermenting, or pamona’s for canning, even though we enjoy those other methods as well.


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  1. This recipe looks great! With berry season starting, I was just thinking about finding a good chia seed recipe so to not have to resort to using sugar! If you would add lemon juice, how much? And would that affect the amount of chia seeds you need? Thanks for posting!

    1. Hi Miranda, I’d probably add a teaspoon or two per batch. It’s not a super finicky recipe, so just go with your gut, and then adjust since they are such small batches! Would love to hear how it goes… : )

  2. Very cool! The boys were hoping you would be making jam soon! I am going to try this – take some chia along on our camping trip!

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